Keli'i Akina Endorses Samuel Wilder King II

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Disclaimer: I have written this statement not as a Trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, but in my capacity as a private citizen.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is an important force in our islands, and what it does impacts not only native Hawaiians, but all citizens of the state. Therefore, it is crucial that every voter participate in the election of OHA trustees. The recent State audit showed just how unaccountable OHA's spending has become and how it needs Trustees who will reform and refocus it for everyone's sake.

That is why I am endorsing Sam King for the position of Oahu Trustee in OHA. I have known Sam and his family for many years. He has the intelligence, integrity, legal training, and passionate commitment needed to help reform OHA. Reform is in his blood. Sam King’s Great Grandfather was the first native Hawaiian Governor of Hawaii. His Grandfather, Judge Sam King, co-author of Broken Trust, helped bring an end to years of corruption at the Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate.

Now, Sam Wilder King II continues this legacy. He is on record as the candidate most committed to sweeping reform of OHA and its Administration. Sam King is also the candidate who represents what most Hawaiians and residents want, which is for OHA to get out of the business of creating a race-based nation and instead focus on jobs, housing, education, and health care. In the spirit of Aloha, Sam wants OHA to unite Hawai'i's people, not divide us.

Sam King is the reason everyone should vote in the OHA election!
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Keli'i Akina
OHA Trustee-at-Large
(In my capacity as a private citizen)

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