Ka Wai Ola Candidate Survey


 OHA’s Ka Wai Ola recently sent out a 3-question survey to all OHA Trustee candidates. Here are my answers to the questions!

1) How will your skills and experience enhance the policy making role of the OHA Board of Trustees?

I have professional experience with databases, the Hawaii Supreme Court, Hawaii’s contract, land use, property, and health care laws, and years of experience with the fiduciary obligations of spending other people’s money as I have been a board member of my homeowners’ association since 2014, having been re-elected by my fellow homeowners in 2015 and 2016, made VP in 2015, and made President every year since 2016. During my time as President my board brought a $3,000,000 wastewater pipe replacement project in $250,000 under budget. I have a set of skills that are tailor made to assist an organization like OHA craft and implement effective policies on time, on budget, and within the confines of the law.

2) As a trustee, how would you fulfill your fiduciary duties and defend OHA's constitutional and statutory obligations to ensure OHA's trust resources are specifically expended to benefit Native Hawaiians?

The first thing I would do is re-task OHA’s research division to start collecting its own anonymized data on the status of Native Hawaiians instead of relying on the US Census as OHA currently does and which does not provide the accuracy OHA needs. I would then restructure OHA’s grant process by requiring applicants to show how their proposed program would benefit Native Hawaiians, as proven by the data we would be tracking. I would also eliminate any non-competitive OHA grants so as to create more transparency, accountability, and re-establish trust in OHA’s grant process.

3) OHA's 2010-2018 Strategic Plan outlines six strategic priorities to improve the conditions of Native Hawaiians. As this plan comes to a close, what strategic priorities would you suggest be the focus of OHA's next Strategic Plan and why?

Laying the foundation for the success of the next generation of Hawaiians should be OHA’s priority for the next strategic plan. Education, especially early-childhood, and economic self-sufficiency, especially through building more homes for Hawaiians, should therefore be the highest priorities as those areas will lay the strongest foundations for the future prosperity of our people.

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