The Audit


The recent findings of the audit of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, largely undisputed by OHA , were jaw dropping. The trustees owe Native Hawaiian beneficiaries, and all the people of Hawaii, the highest duty under law – a fiduciary obligation. The trustees understanding of this obligation appeared so limited that the audit recommended training for the trustees in their obligations.

Money that should have been spent helping Native Hawaiian beneficiaries was misspent on dramatic overstaffing, non-competitive, unbudgeted grants and sponsorships, undocumented cash dispersals, and personal advancement and benefits for the trustees.

The most basic understanding of the audit is this: It is time for reform. It is time to focus the Office of Hawaiian Affairs on its true and pono mission: the betterment of the Native Hawaiian people, the preservation of Hawaiian culture and a better Hawaii for all the people of our state. Learn more about the audit here!

IssuesFrank Petsche