Tribal Recognition


Wasted Money

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has spent millions…millions…of dollars advocating for Federal Recognition of Native Hawaiians as an Indian Tribe. While this would empower the people in charge of OHA, it would be a disservice to Native Hawaiians and all the people of Hawaii. We were never an Indian Tribe and we don’t want to live penned up on reservations. Instead of seeking power, separation and racial divineness, OHA should be spending that money, time and effort to better the lives of Native Hawaiians. Think of what those millions of dollars of misspent funds could have done for Native Hawaiians. Millions invested in our schools and Keiki…invested in building homes for Native Hawaiians…invested in preserving our precious Hawaiian culture and spreading its benefits around the world. Better housing, education, jobs and opportunities for Native Hawaiians helps everyone in Hawaii.  Not one more wasted penny for Federal Recognition!

concerns over gambling


One of the serious concerns over Federal Recognition of Native Hawaiians is the very real threat that, like Native American tribes across the mainland, we would see a proliferation of casinos and gambling here in Hawaii. I promise, as an OHA trustee, that I work diligently to see that the Office of Hawaiian Affairs fights against allowing the introduction of any form of legalized gambling on Hawaiian land.

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