Thirty Meter Telescope


It is important to protect and respect the tradition of Mauna Kea and to properly manage any action taken by OHA and any project that affects Native Hawaiian culture, tradition and history. Our Native Hawaiian ancestors were the greatest navigators of their time, sailing the vast Pacific guided only by the stars. With the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Hawaii and Native Hawaiians can again lead the world, creating new navigation through the heavens. TMT offers fantastic opportunities and future careers for our children, and worldwide respect and recognition for Hawaii. OHA supported the TMT from the beginning and only changed its mind based on an internet chain email poll.  Breaking promises based on faulty data is not the Hawaiian way. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has behaved badly in this situation. Today, 70% of Native Hawaiians support the TMT. We need leaders who will work for the benefit of Hawaii and Native Hawaiians, not simply bend to the will of unrepresentative, unscientific polling. It’s time to fix OHA.

IssuesFrank Petsche